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Nike SB Dunk High x Carpet Company – Royal Pulse


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Carpet Company may be relatively new to the game, but that doesn’t mean the label hasn’t already left its mark on the skate world. Founded in 2015 by a pair of brothers (Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem), the Baltimore-based brand has earned a reputation for its considered craftsmanship, whimsical graphics and 1-of-a-kind approach to creation.

For this Dunk, Carpet Company left no stone unturned. Supple white leather is contrasted with a semi-translucent, blue layer that nods to screen-printing—a process close the company’s heart. As you skate, the fabric tears away to reveal yellow leather and a dizzying array of unique graphics, with text on the heel and illustrations on the insole of particular note. Get your hands on this distinctive wearable before the brothers Abdeldayem move on to their next creation.

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